TBL Techniek designs and produces to customers’ wishes, including making complete machines from scratch. TBL Techniek has the contacts with suppliers and the know-how to construct machines to satisfy the highest demands. 

Examples of products designed and assembled by TBL Techniek


Chuko Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is designed and manufactured in cooperation with TBL Techniek. Fore more information please see their website:

Grainsavers from Sweden

The Grainsavers go all around the world. TBL has designed the auger wagon and now manufacture them for customers worldwide. For more information please see:

Manure tanks

TBL has manufactured many different slurry tanks for several well-known European brands. Also a lot of TBL-made extendable axles and self-loading-arms have found their way to other manufacturers in Europe. 

Calf shelters

TBL is also involved in the design of TopCalf shelters. Form more information:

Scania Bok

TBL has produced a lifting stand for the Scania factory in Zwolle which allows trucks to be moved.


Manufacturing on behalf of another brand is always an exciting challenge for us. We do not shy away from complexity, and we like to help the client and the end-user. 

TBL Techniek produces machines to our customer’s specifications. We would love to assist you to improve your existing product or maybe to extend your product-portfolio. We have a great network for all our components, and we carefully select only the best to guarantee high quality and to satisfy expectations. From development to the last checks and quality control we are specialists so you don’t have to worry!

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